Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Terrilbe, Rotten, Horrible, Very Bad (But Funny) Day!

Just over a week ago, I was working on a somewhat normal (though snowy) day. I received a call from my husband towards the end of my shift stating "Kenya locked me out of the house!" It seems our friends, Jeff, Sarah and Izzy, came to borrow a cup of beef broth. Izzy is scared of our huge ball of love so Ralph left her inside while he met them on the front porch. She was understandably upset at being left out so she repeatedly jumped on the front door and window while barking. When Ralph went to go back into the house, he realized at one point in time she had tripped the dead bolt! Picture it with me--most snow we've had all year, Husband on front porch in socks, no shoes, no wallet, no keys. Well, our friend Jeff checked all the doors and windows and reported our house was very secure--Ralph was locked out. Because we had not intended on leaving Kenya alone in the house, it was not so much doggie proof. This made Ralph very nervous, so Jeff drove him to the base so I could give him my keys. Well, as I was running out the door I dropped the keys somewhere along the way. We all spent the end of our shift looking for my house keys! AHHHHH! Turns out someone had happened by very shortly (almost immediately) after I dropped them and took them to another unit's nurses station. That person just happened to see one of my coworkers obviously looking for something and let her know where they had taken them. Whew! After all that stress, I got home found she HAD NOT destroyed our home, put her out and let Jeff and Sarah feed us dinner. What a crazy day!

P.S. Did I mention NO ONE has copies of our dead bolt key because we've never been able to get one to work? I also don't always take my keys to wok, I just happened to drive myself that day.


  1. That is very funny!! Glad it was a happy ending!!

  2. Very funny, but glad it happened to you & not me. I believe that it was a God thing that you actually had your keys.