Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine's Day. I know; some of you (my single friends) do not. You think it a silly holiday contrived by evil people like Hallmark (hate to tell you this, but I love Hallmark too). You think it's because I have a romantic husband and therefore it is easy for me to like Valentine's Day. (I do, in fact, have a very romantic husband. More on that later.) That is not the reason. I love to celebrate. Since childhood, Valentine's Day has been more about me letting other people know I love them than something romantic. I cannot think of one Valentine's Day I have pined for a romantic attachment (and not because I have always had one—I haven't!). I have always had grandparents, parents and siblings to send fun Valentine things to. I have slipped in recent years due to the whole having a husband thing. I really enjoy those things. I love all holidays—real or contrived, though some I know would make the argument that all holidays are contrived.


I just finished Exodus in my Bible study and have started on Leviticus. Basically, I am in that part of the Bible where God gives the Israelites a whole bunch of rules on how to live, gain forgiveness from sin and celebrate. They are to have lots of festivals and celebrations. So, without a whole lot of theological arguing, I propose we are created to celebrate. Not all the time, but at set times and often in spite of our circumstances (the Israelites were in the desert without permanent homes when they learned about these celebrations and one of them was about that!). I think choosing joy is important to the Lord as is sharing and giving joy to those around you. This is why I choose to celebrate—even when it may be hard for me. Take Mother's Day and Father's Day. We do not have children, not for lack of desire, but because of God's timing. I still choose to celebrate with my parents, in-laws, siblings and friends who God has blessed with children. I honor them and what they do and pray for them. I get joy out of this. I choose to get joy out of this. So basically I am saying that I am unashamed at how much I love to celebrate and I love Valentine's Day.


Back to my romantic husband. He has taken me here for a romantic and restful get-a-way for just the two of us. We are loving this B&B! It is just our style—woodsy and not froo-froey. He got me this and this. I remember looking at both the chocolates and the candles thinking "I would love those but I'll never get them—that's kinda out there." Low and behold, that is what I get for doubting my wonderful husband. The chocolates are de-lic-ious! The candles smell am-a-zing! Due to illness, all of our shopping was done on-line this year. I am okay with that. I love what I received. Oh, I also received this. I am really enjoying it as well. For my husband, I got him this and this. He loves to be comfortable and is going to be doing a lot of traveling with work over the next couple months. They just seemed perfect for him. He was very excited to receive them. I think he was as surprised as I was. Apparently, we each know each other better than the other realizes. Hee, hee. Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!


  1. Valentine's Day is great! So glad you had a date! Looks like a very nice B&B! Love you both.

  2. Looks like a nice place to stay. Which room did you stay in? Glad you were able to have some time away together.

  3. Sounds like your valentine's day was great!! The B&B looked very cool!