Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You’ve Been Warned

I just thought that I should warn you, blogworld, January is my month to be homesick. I reserve this right each and every year. Now in this space I will try to focus on the fun times I just had with my family and spare you all the tears and whining (that's what my husband is for). However good my intentions, though, it may leak through here and there and I just thought you should know.

It's tough to live 1000 miles away from your family. You miss things like your oldest niece changing from a baby to a "helpful" big sis and a diva. You miss your elfish nephew changing into a devilish 2 year old who knows how to use his dimples to avoid a scolding. I will miss my nephew finally figuring out that he really doesn't need anyone to help him walk. I will miss being there when my new niece/nephew arrives. I will not be able to go shopping with my mom or throw dinner parties with my SIL. I will miss my other nephew finally deciding to become mobile and crawling (or maybe he'll surprise us all and go straight to walking). I am amazed each year at what an amazing man my brother is, what a sweetheart my SIL is, what great brothers my BIL are, and what good moms my sisters are. Not that I don't think these things any other time of the year, it's different seeing it in person. By being this far away, one just misses out on all the intimate details you know by living life together. Each year I realize how much gets left out of the e-mails, blogs, facebook and phone calls. Most times of the year, I am focused on what God has me doing here in OH and am just grateful for how many varied ways we have for staying in touch. It helps as each sibling has such a different personality. There is a method for each sibling.

It is fitting to me that it has rained the whole way back. I hate it when it's sunny out on the drive back—the sun just mocks my tears. It's nice that the weather is sympathetic today (and that I'm not the one driving). Anyway, if I seem a little petulant or somber this month, I thought you should know the reason. February is my month for new beginnings and optimism and January is my month to pout—just have to be different like that. You have been warned.


  1. It sure was great to have you guys home again. Sorry you miss out on stuff with the distance and all, but know you are thought of and missed during all those times!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart. You do such a good job at helping us know how you are doing. We miss having you around, too.

  3. Tahnks for sharing Stac! It helps to know how to pray for you as well!! It was great that you could come back for an extended break at Christmas!! I'm with Kim, even though you can't be there we still miss ya and you are in our thoughts!:) Luv ya!

  4. Couldn't comment cuz of the tears, but know that we love you both and miss you terribly!!