Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My to do list . . .

So we leave for Minnesota in 4 days and I have the mother of all to-do lists to accomplish in 3 of those days. Since I am a born and bred procrastinator, I will blog about it for awhile before I get going on it. ;-p Deep breaths all, here I go!

  1. Take my coat to the dry cleaners.
  2. Find a dry cleaners
  3. Return a curling iron and leggings
  4. Buy Christmas present for niece
  5. Wrap presents
  6. Clean out fridge
  7. Clean out litter box
  8. Finish Christmas letter and send out cards
  9. Put together instructions for 3 separate house sitters--one who has sat in the past, one who has not spent more than 1 hr in my home and one who is a good friend but never house sat for us before.
  10. Buy cat and dog food
  11. Bake cinnamon bread for neighbors
  12. Print out various photos for family
  13. Buy present for in-laws
  14. Buy niece birthday present
  15. Bake cookies for HC to hand out in neighborhood
  16. Buy gift and deliver for work Secret Santa
  17. Give dog a bath
  18. Get hair done
  19. Take dog in for surgery
  20. Clean house
  21. Do laundry
  22. Buy Christmas present for cousins
  23. Pack

That's all I but can remember for now--pretty sure there's more, but that's a good start! Hope you all accomplish your to-do lists between now and Christmas!


  1. Have you ever seen Veggie Tales "Little Joe"? It is the story of Joseph and the French Peas are the brothers, Larry is Joseph. At one point the Peas are in the middle of the famine and all together, in their French Accent they say, "We are doomed!" It is very funny and that is the only thing I could think of when I finished reading your list. I am toatlly kidding though! Hope that ALL goes well for you and we are really looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. Your procrastinating was passed on so well, Dad and I got a HUGE kick out of "well I think I will blog about it for a while," Very, very funny!!! Hope you got it all done. Notice I am on the computer instead fo getting my work done as well, "we are doomed" (-: