Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas is . . .

Traditions! One of our favorite traditions is heading down to Cincinnati to eat at Campanello's with a group of friends and then head to The Taft Theater to hear one of our favorite artists, Over the Rhine.
It's their annual homecoming Christmas concert. It all starts for us in September/October when the tickets go on sale. There is a flurry of phone calls to find out who wants to go and then we put in our order the first day they go on sale and wait. This year we ended up in the second row! We were so excited. Dinner was great, as usual, they have the best tiramisu! Normally, we walk from the restaraunt up to the theater but it was cold and rainy this year. We were wussy and drove. My car had to $10 but we found a spot right next to the theater--literally feet from the front door. This is VERY hard to find in downtown Cinci! It was worth every penny!

The concert was one of THE BEST they have ever put on! It was Christmas to my soul. Good music, good friends, good food, laughs. The only down side was not getting home until after midnight and having to be up at 4:30 a.m. for work that morning (the first of 3 in a row). Here are some great pics my wonderful husband was able to get from our awesome seats!


  1. What a cool tradition!! Great seats to, I bet that was fun!:0)

  2. They sound really good, I bet it was a great time!!