Saturday, October 20, 2007

Italian food, Transformers and Espresso

Tonight Ralph and I came to a startling realization--we have not had a night together for at least two weeks. We have been so busy working and jumping back into life that it has left little time for the two of us. So we decided to cancel our plans to go to the Bolvi's pumpkin carving party and decided to just stay in tonight. (Sorry, guys! Hope you had fun!) We got some great take-out from our favorite neighborhood bistro, Troni's Pizza and Restaurant. Ralph picked up Transformers now that it is out on DVD. (We never got around to seeing it in the theaters.) We ate Italian food and watched "Transformers" and then made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and espresso. It was wonderful to just spend time with my husband reconnecting. It was nice to be on the same page. I woke up thinking I just wanted to stay home with Ralph tonight and he called on his way home to say he was exhausted and just wanted to stay home tonight. I thank God every day for my husband. I truly feel blessed to be married to him and to have him in my life.


  1. Sounds like a good way to spend the evening.

  2. Nothing like spending time with your husband, thats the way I have always felt about dad :-)

  3. That's great-thus the importance of marrying your best friend!:) What a great way to spend the day!:)