Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Autumn in Ohio

What a strange autumn this is! I went hiking with Kenya today at one of our metro parks--it was 89 degrees when we left the house! Craziness! I would much rather have been dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans instead of my capris and T-shirt. Oh, well, I'm sure the cool weather will come soon enough and I will complain about scraping windshields and the car not warming up fast enough. :) I think Kenya and I went about 3 miles today. I was shooting for 4 but she tricked me into ending our hike sooner. I could have sworn she was developing a limp as we neared a trail that gave us the option of ending our hike sooner rather than later. She favored the right front paw and wouldn't let me touch it. Now mind you, she almost broke my ankle on the first part of our walk as she would take off running down these hills in the trail covered in rocks! Then she decides to start limping. So, I shorten our walk and take the easier trail back to the car. By the time we get to the car, the limp is magically gone. I think she planned it! She slept for most of the evening. It's one of the best nights we've had since we got back! :-)

She looks so innocent! She loved playing in the water. Now, if only we had leather seats in the car . . . .

This is the gorgeous lake at the park.

Some pretty berries we found while hiking.

They have these great water fountains with dog bowls on them! Isn't that terrific!


  1. That looks like a very fun park, we must go there when we visit!! The water bowl is a super idea. We have SNOW, hows that for a contrast?!

  2. Ohio has such cool places!!! I LOVE the dog bowl idea, very smart on their part! Looks like you guys had a blast, I am always amazed how much Kenya changes. By the way, we have a web cam now, we should hook up (LOL, or whatever, I know absoluely nothing about it!).