Monday, February 14, 2005

Notes from a Working Girl: Part 2

Monday, February, 14, 2005
"Element #2: Courage"
Do I have it? Do I take risks? Do I look for the possibilities in life that God has provided? Or do I hide in the comfort of my life as it is?
A lot of the people I work with think being a traveler is pretty courageous. I'm never sure of what I'm walking into. There's what the managers tell me before I get there . . . then there's reality. Not that they lie--they just gloss over--or don't mention the downsides. Often, these downsides, are the reason they need me. I know I've gained confidence in my nursing as a result of being stretched by each new environment & situation.
I've taken the leap to a new shift that I'm not entirely comfortable with: a different pace, different type of people (it's true--each shift has it's own personality type), different amount of people, different responsibilities, etc.
Part of courage is being willing to change. Am I willing to change? Have I or am I changing?
Father, increase my courage. Show me the "risks" that You have provided. Use my work for Your glory. Let me be involved in something that has eternal significance. Help me to see it when it comes--especially, the day-to-day things that I often miss.

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