Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Feast your Ears

What can we say about Jane Monheit that her music doesn't say for her? Sultry, classic and smooth, her voice seems to transcend decades. If you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself in a smoke-filled club, circa 1938...a martini in one hand, sitting at a white-cloth-covered table, wearing a dapper tuxedo, a dance floor between you and the band...and her...wearing a floor-length gown and belting her very heart out every note. You look over to your beautiful bride, dressed to the nines, hair flowing down over a lovely evening gown, and offer her your hand as the first notes of "In the Still of the Night" begin playing. You walk her to the dnace floor and just stay there the rest of the evening. This lady is the real deal. Check her out!


  1. Very niiiice...

    And here is an other keeper...reminiscient of Ole Blue eyes witha nice little twist.....crooner...

  2. Kristi...check out the song "I Won't Dance" on her website, Jane does a duet with him...great stuff!

  3. you're holdin' out on me, Ralph... :-) Didn't know you had this until today. :-) Very cool though; I dig it. :-)