Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Fun

Our little super heroes turned out quite spectacular! Their costumes came from the Etsy shop, Mahalo. They were so fantastic to work with. I was able to pick both the outer fabric and liner fabric colors, the emblem, their letters, and their mask colors. It was so much fun--the next best thing to making it myself. I loved that they were super versions of themselves!

We ended up scrapping our traditional set up at the end of our driveway where we hand out hot cider with our candy. It was raining quite a bit and that just didn't sound like fun. We could have stayed in and offered it that way but then one of us would have had to go door-to-door with the girls in the rain. That REALLY didn't sound like fun.

We debated about going to the malls or one of the shopping centers, apparently this is a big thing out here, or to a harvest festival at one of the local churches. We opted for the harvest festival. Unbeknownst to us, Arwen had been looking forward to going door-to-door saying, "Trick or treat!" However, she was won over by still getting candy and playing games. We went to Calvary Fellowship on the recommendation of some friends who were also headed there. Ralph and I were a bit overwhelmed with the noise and activity but the girls told us they had a great time. As you can tell from the pics, there were some neat booths and things for the girls to do. Despite Greer's serious faces in the pics, she really did have a good time! It was fun to get out as a family and enjoy ourselves.


  1. Just love their costumes... and you know they will play with them for days to come!

  2. Oh, also wanted to add that the church festivals have kinda become our way to celebrate too. So much fun and not as scary as door to door can be.