Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When a Stacie Goes to Bake Some Cookies

You know the book, right? If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Baking or cooking can be like that for me.

First I must find just the right recipe. This time it was Carrot Cakey Cookie 'Wiches. I plan the right event to make them for--my friend Colleen's Tea/Swap. I get the (this time) one ingredient I don't have--wheat bran. Then I had a child up all night sick so I didn't make it to the tea. However, I did have the wheat bran so I plot and plan and ponder when shall I make my cookies.

Then I work for the weekend and mention to my husband where the applesauce is in case the girls want it over the weekend. Then I forget this conversation.

Monday comes and it's Craftivism time! Now is the perfect time to bake my Carrot Cakey Cookie 'Whiches. I get to work. Then I realize I do not have any applesauce. The girls ate it all over the weekend. Ralph has just gotten home from the store. He has some baking of his own to do and doesn't have time to run out again. Oh, but wait, he just brought home 10 lbs of local fresh apples. If I want to make some cookies, then I must first make some applesauce.

I have just the recipe. I made this pearsauce the week before. It can be used with pears or apples. I get to work pealing apples and making my applesauce. Once the applesauce is made, I set it aside to cool.

Once the applesauce was cool, we were back on track with cookie making. It went quite smoothly after that and I ended up with some cookies I was quite happy with. Except that they were quite large. I was tired of the process at that point and make them bigger so I didn't have to scoop so many.

This is seems to be quite indicative of how cooking/baking around here goes. The applesauce is actually quite yummy too! I came out ahead, really, I now have homemade cookies AND applesauce. Not such a bad deal, really.


  1. Love your tenacity, girl!

  2. Cute fun post,way to go getting it done despite what could have been an obstacle :o) I am sure they both are so yummy!!!