Saturday, June 09, 2012


I can't remember where I first heard about Cravebox but when I did I knew I wanted in! For a $10/month subscription they provide 4-5 hand selected products. The demand is so high, I got put on a waiting list. I found out that I won a spot last month! I just arrived the other day. Isn't it pretty?! Just take a look at the yummy things that came in this month's box.  

 I have yet to try the tea or the Plum Amazins. I think I will try them in yogurt and in oatmeal.
 These chocolates were delicious! They are, obviously, gone.
 This Repair Cream is awesome. Love it. So creamy but not greasy.
This Sugar Scrub smells wonderful. It's like the tropics in your shower. This is especially welcome as the amazing PNW summer has not quite arrived yet.

If you can land a spot, I would recommend this! It's a fun little treat for yourself each month. It's fun to be introduced to new products and get a chance to use them. 

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  1. Never heard of Cravebox. Sounds like fun! Who can resist a surprise in the mail every month?