Wednesday, May 09, 2012

It Feels Like Christmas

It seems that every time we leave home, we come home to a new box on our front step. To be truthful, we aren't getting out of the house a lot these days but maybe we should try a bit more. This last one was particularily fun! It came from one of Ralph's friends on Tumlr. They sent a fantastic gift-organic plush animal bowling set, organic plush animal finger puppets, this fantastic Tickle Monster book (complete with tickling mitts)and a beautiful outfit from the Tea Collection.

Here is an adorable video of Ralph reading the book to the girls.

We have received an out pouring of support from Ralph's Tumblr community. I attribute this to my husband's ability to attract community wherever he goes. In person or virtually. I do love that part of his personality.

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  1. That was super fun to watch!!! Way to go Ralph,what a wonderful father you are and such beautiful memories for your girls!!!!!!!!!!