Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today was Baby Storie's first day at church outside the womb. My super husband, single handedly, managed to get the two big girls up, fed, dressed and to church early so he could run sound last week. This week he found coverage and stayed home to help me wrangle all 3 girls and myself so that we could go. I tell you what, that man is a keeper.

Talk about perspective as I sat in the service, Storie all snuggled in the Moby wrap. It was just over 2 years ago I sat there with another newborn. Brand new to the state of WA. Looking around the room, wondering. Who would our friends be? Who were our kindred spirits--our Dan and Cat, our Phil and Kristi, and all the other wonderful people who made up our support system/family in OH? Not that any of those people could be replaced but who would fill similar roles in our lives? We were tired and overwhelmed and yet strangely at peace.

Today I looked around the room and saw stories. Not my Baby Storie, but people's stories. I saw people in process--in their various stages of growth and struggle. I saw people leading us in worship, demonstrating the sacrifice of worship. There are heavy things going on in their lives but they choose to worship. There is something so powerful about that! I saw a young couple who opened their hearts to us when we first arrived preparing to be "us." God is moving their small family, they have a 2 month old, to a new city in a new state. I couldn't help praying over them even as she helped lead us in worship. Praying that someone will reach out to them the way they reached out to us in their new community of believers. That God would direct them to that community with the same certainty He directed us.

I can hardly believe it's been 2 years! However, as Missy Greer can now tell me, "I not the baby!." And I now have a new infant to snuggle, I suppose I cannot ignore the passing of time. I am so grateful for all God has done and is doing in our lives. I'm still struggling with a wee bit of deja vu, though.


  1. Beautiful! I'm so glad He provided such a loving and caring community for you. We miss you, but we know you are well loved and taken care of :)

  2. We are thankful too that God has brought you to such a loving community,even though you are so far away. ;o) But we know you are where God wants you and we wouldn't want you anywhere else than where His desire is for your lives. :O)