Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mean Girls

This is such a beautiful article written by a mama to her baby girl.

I still remember my mom walking me through this lesson. I remember her teaching me to pray, love and discern others secret pain that was motivating them. Such deep and life changing lessons to give a 10 year old. I remember her crying with me. Praying with me. Being amazed at how God would go above and beyond what we asked.

Now it's my turn to mother 3 beautiful little girls. Thank you, Mom, for showing me how. For still being there to teach me, listening and talking to me for hours on the phone. Remember that one friend we prayed for? I didn't realize it at the time but He gave me you as my friend and used that circumstance to lay a foundation that couldn't have been formed any other way. Love you, Mom. I'll probably call crying the day I have to start walking Arwen through this and each time it comes up with the others. Just so you know.


  1. Good article! I'm not looking forward to watching Lydia's heart break, but I'm glad I will have the opportunity to walk through it with her. You and I can cry together too!

  2. Oh Stace, you made me cry! Didn't see this post till tonite. I so remember that time and I have told it many times how God answered that sweet prayer of a beautiful 10 yr old with 2 friends! How amazed we were and thankful. And here you are today reaching out with your spouse so no one ever has to feel the way you did then. What a blessing you are Stacie, love you too!!!!!!!