Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Waxing Sentimental

Lately I've been making two very yummy bread recipes: Artisan Bread and Grandma's French Bread. Both are fantastic. However, today I was feeling a bit sentimental. I had a craving for bread that I have a personal connection to. There is something soothing about making "the family bread." It's the bread my mother makes, my sisters make, my grandmother and aunts make and that my great grandmother made. There is a sense of history and connectedness when I make it using more muscle memory than brain memory. It will be the first bread I teach my girls to make. It is the first bread dough they ever tasted. It is the first bread I ever made. It is the bread that is served both for every day and holidays at home. I used to long to make the "fancier" breads. By "fancier" that pretty much meant to me, anything but that bread. Now I love the rhythm that comes with kneading the dough I've been kneading since I was in junior high (maybe earlier, I can't remember for sure). In fact, I think I'm old enough to say I've known how to make this bread most of my life. This bread symbolizes home for me and the home I'm making for Ralph and the girls. In fact, I taught Ralph to make this bread too.

Tonight is one of those nights when it is important to focus on the things that matter. Like fresh bread that is creating a sense of heritage for my girls. Feeling Bug-A-Boo pop, jump and move inside me. Seeing my girls work out some of their excess energy by having an adventure chasing a fly in the house. This way I don't focus on mounding dishes, dirty floors and the fact that there is a fly in my house.

What makes you feel sentimental? What connects you to your heritage or what things are you creating as a heritage for your kids? Is it food like me or something else entirely?

Nugget says, "Isn't my scarf pretty?" and Zita having some snuggle time with  Daddy. 

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  1. Very sweet post Stacie!!! And yes you were making that bread late grade school I think,so most of your life for sure. Thanks for posting,such a wonderful heritage you are passing along to your family.