Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nugget's Third Birthday Party

Such a fun day! We had our Life Group family (both some past and present) over for a family style birthday party. Unfortunately, I did not get as many pics as I was planning on but we had a good day. Thankfully, every one was very gracious as I was not quite as prepared in the set up department as I had been hoping for. It was fun to have everyone pitch in to help, though.

The birthday girl was so excited to have everyone there. You could tell she really got it this year as opposed to her 1st or 2nd birthday parties. It was fun and sad to see her growing up all at the same time. Do you see the picture of her feeding the baby? I almost can't believe she's not the baby anymore! We put her hair up in rags for the first time last night. The curls were really pretty in the beginning but they faded fast. I may try hair spray next time.

Pinterest gets all the credit for my inspiration. This pin was my original inspiration.  I found it by accident when looking through the online mag that it's in. Someone had pinned something else in the magazine, etc, etc. Then this pin was the inspiration for a lot of the food ideas. Ralph even drilled holes in a log for me like they did! So fun. We made this Best Chocolate Cake for Thanksgiving and decided it deserved a repeat performance at the birthday party. A word to the wise, if using a spring form pan, line it with parchment paper first. We did not do this at Thanksgiving and it was a problem. A big problem.

Thanks to my husband, Ian and Matt for getting our table outside so I could have the set up I was envisioning in my head. And then Ralph and Ian for putting it all back again. Erinn and Joyce helped me finish off the food prep. It truly was a community effort. Such a fun day to celebrate a very fun little girl.

P.S. I forgot to add the link for Nugget's outfit inspiration or for the AWESOME chili recipe Ralph found that is now on my Pinterest.


  1. Everything looks amazing,well done again!!! Very cool ideas.Pinterest is so great!! ;o)

  2. Oh, what a beauty! Growing up so fast! LOVE Susie! Good job Stacie! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We miss you!

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Stacie you go to so much work. You are such a good mother. Loved all the picture's. Would have been fun to be there. Ralph you are also such a good dad and a good cook! Love you all. Grandpa and Grandma