Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Over the Rhine

Friday night found us once again at The Triple Door. We were there for our annual Over the Rhine concert. It was such a an awesome thing to find that they make an annual trip out here each November. Last year we were able to go with our dear friend Ian. This year we attended with our good friends Matt and Erinn. It was such a fun double date! It's been so long since we've had one of those.

As I sat there, finishing my dinner and enjoying the music I was amazed at how far we've come. Ralph introduced me to Over the Rhine. We've now been married seven years. Some days, that is still shocking to me. I feel like we've only just begun. I suppose when you compare it to my grandparents almost 60 years, it really is nothing.

OTR @ The Triple Door November 2011

A blast from the past! From the first OTR concert we went to together! It was one of the Christmas shows.
Over the Rhine always makes me think of our friends. They are the music we would plan parties with and create annual traditions around. Friday I was thinking about all of our dear friends some back in Dayton and some who've moved on as we have that we've enjoyed OTR with. I was also loving that here we have friends who also enjoy them and that we are able to make new traditions, memories and connections here. We are so blessed in the friendships we have.

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  1. Yay for OTR! How cool that you can have an annual tradition to go see them!