Monday, November 14, 2011

Memories and Mayhem

A picture of our evening. Zita dressed in Nugget's Pooh costume, sobbing over we're not sure what.
Both girls have colds and are worn out from a busy weekend without their parents. Ralph was running media at a men's retreat and I was working. They were in the care of friends from our LifeGroup.

 Nugget says out of the blue, "She's the crying-est Pooh ever." Makes me think about a conversation my Mom and a dear friend, Patty, had one day in the house I grew up in. I can still picture it. We still had the orange carpet and orange counters. Mom and Patty were sitting at the kitchen table. We somehow got onto the subject of changing a baby's diaper. I am not sure if we were talking about one of us or one of Patty's girls (she just had 2 at the time). When Patty made the comment, "She was the pee-ingest baby ever!" All of us got the giggles and laughed until we cried. Such a funny random memory. Makes me smile to this day.

It was nice to have a memory that made me smile in the midst of the tears and crankiness that surrounded us yesterday. Thought I'd share one of the happy moments of Zita playing independently. She is growing so much!


  1. Love,love the video.She is really growing up!

  2. Aren't those crazy/silly memories the best?? And yes, they grow so fast! And btw, could your kiddos be any cuter!?

  3. What a beauty! How can she be so big already?