Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like Ducks To Water

Apparently, my children have become thoroughly indoctrinated by PNW weather. Today we woke up to sun stubbornly shining through a thin veil of clouds. I announced that it was a perfect day to go outside. Nugget replied, "I don't want to go outside today." What?! The first thing she says on a rainy day is "Mama, I'm going outside now. Let's get my boots on." Maybe rain boots are more fun than tennis shoes?

Since sun is now our rain in our upside down little world, we did some projects instead. I also am headed into a rather intense work stretch: 3 days in the hospital, 2-12's and 1-8; one day off; 4 days in the clinic, 2-8's, 1-10, 1-8 hour shifts. These two facts made me more open to wasting a perfectly good and rare "sunny" day. A relaxing project day seemed in order.

We deemed it a Made By Joel day. We created both the Dressy Cats and Willow the Owl. Nugget LOVED her Dressy Cats. Zita thought they were very tasty. *grin, wink* Willow the Owl was rather time consuming but I was quite excited to make my first pom pom. However, we cannot get the felt to stick to him to save our lives. Maybe because I used acrylic yarn instead of wool? I must admit I'm not wasting good wool on this little owl. Hmm, we tried a glue stick and gorilla glue. Wonder if good, old fashioned Elmer's would have worked better? Still pondering. Or maybe it was the little hands who insisted on "seeing" them instead letting them dry. *hee, hee* Oh, well, we've enjoyed ourselves today.


  1. Those are super cute!Great job by all,fun way to spend a day!

  2. So cute! That is a new-to-me website. Looks like a lot of fun crafting ideas.