Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Petite Lasagnas

Ralph and I have been making a ton of fun food recently but I have been bad. I have not been posting all this yummy food. I thought I should share this recipe for Petite Lasagnas. These were fantastic and so easy! Of course, I don't find regular lasagna to really be all that hard either. This is small scale lasagna and cooks much faster as a result. For a family with small children and parents who don't plan ahead well, this is a huge bonus. *wink, wink*

The girls both seemed to like them. Ralph and I loved them. We rarely repeat meals as there are too many fun recipes in the world to try. That being said, this will be added in to our repertoire on a regular basis.

Ready for the first layer of filling

Both layers complete and ready for the oven.

Ready to eat. 

P.S. Couldn't find the camera so I used Ralph's phone. Doesn't it take great pics for a phone? I'm always amazed.


  1. Those do look great and easy. Good way for portion control too :o)

  2. Ooh we have that on our list to try this week! Now I am even more excited to make them! I love making lasagna so I was excited for this "quicker" and more "kid friendly" version!!