Saturday, April 09, 2011

Zita's First Birthday Party

As soon as I saw this post, I KNEW what we were doing for Zita's first birthday party. I cannot even believe that she is 1! What a year! I'll post more about her sweetness on her birthday (Wednesday) but I wanted to get pics up for the fam tonight.

How cute is this little monkey?

Fun was had by all!

The crown

Everyone was in character

We had a great day. Unfortunately, the cold and flu season has not quite left us. Two families were "struck down" this week and were unable to come. It made for a much quieter, laid back day.

Ian was of course there. I am not sure I even remember how to throw a party without Ian's help. I've decided every family needs at least 3 adults. How can you make it all work with just 2? Uncle Ian is family and indispensable. Good thing he moved out here too, huh? Now if only Amanda would just bite the bullet . . . .

My Aunt Dawn was also able to make it. It is so great to live near her after all these years. I know she will be such a blessing to our girls the same way Auntie Donna has been to me. She is like another grandmother to the girls and we are thrilled.

I was so excited to see my friend Laura and 2 of her 3 girls! Laura and I are both MN girls who went to college in OH and are now WA transplants. We went most of the winter breaking plans due one or the other's ill children. That seriously needs to end now.

We are all set to have another little party on her actual birthday when Mom arrives. Zita's second round of presents will be have arrived from various people. Now to decide on a cake flavor . . . .

Leggings: Cutienessers
Cupcake Recipe: Paula Deen
Frosting Recipe: Bake It In A Cake
Crown Pattern: SouleMamma


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Love your party theme! So adorable.

  2. Great job,everything looked wonderful!!!Thanks for posting the pics,very fun.I CAN'T WAIT to get there :o)