Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Weekend To Remember

We had a wonderful weekend! It started out with Ralph and I going on a date on Friday. I joined The Loving Wives Club recently. They sent me a fun month of date ideas entitled "Shake, Rattle and Roll." I have had fun implementing several of the ideas throughout the month. This was the "big" one. I set up the babysitter and then we drove down to Queen Anne. When we got out we rolled dice to see where we would eat dinner. We rolled the die several times, each roll dictating if we would walk right, left, or straight ahead at each block. It was a little adventure. We ended up at How to Cook a Wolf.

They didn't have a table when we first arrived so they took our number. We were then free to walk, get some coffee, etc. We headed across the street to Blue Highway Games. This fit in with our whole "games" theme. It is a neat shop full of games, puzzles, etc. I saw a ton of new family games that I would eventually like to get. I also some some great future presents for the girls! We ended up with a new puzzle mystery called "Grounds for Murder." It just sounded perfect for us (mystery, coffee and a game/puzzle). We also picked up My First Brain Quest for Nugget. She loves it! It is so fun to work with her on it!

How To Cook A Wolf was fantastic! They serve small plates that come out as they are ready. We had a wonderful meal of: Beef Tartar, Cheese Plate, Striped Bass, and Stozzapretti followed by a chocolate cake with caramel and espresso gelato. The meal was paced beautifully and absolutely delicious. This is definitely some place we would come back to again.

On Saturday we headed back in to Seattle to meet two of my favorite bloggers: Jessie O from CakeSpy and Megan from Bake It In A Cake. However, we dawdled first talking to multiple family members on Skype for long periods of time. By the time we got down there, all she had left was a piece of cheesecake with french toast baked in it. It was quite yummy but you should check out what we missed. So much yumminess! It was probably good that we had some good family time or we may have eaten too much cake.

Since we weren't able to sample any of the yummy cakes and Nugget repeatedly asked for ice cream, following a successful use of a public restroom, we headed off in search of the aforementioned ice cream (chocolate for Nugget). We thought about going to Molly Moon's as it had been previously recommended to us and was right up the street. However, the shop looked small with the line extending out of the door onto the sidewalk where it was, of course, drizzling. Hmmm, 2 small girls with no naps waiting for and possibly eating ice cream outdoors? We opted to try them another day and headed to our standby closer to home. Our girls will only be little for so long so we don't mind accommodating them a bit (especially when it involves homemade ice cream, fresh roasted coffee AND a play area).

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, the camera came with us everywhere and no, we did not pull it out once. Boo.

Sunday brought a 3 hour nap for Ralph and Nugget, a shorter nap for Zita and reading time for me. The end. *grin*


  1. What a great weekend!!Sounded very fun.Still don't have my computer back hopefully soon.So glad you all had so much fun.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Queen Anne. We'll have to try that restaurant sometime. They are always adding new stuff up there. Wink cupcakes is also up there. One of our fav spots. ;) What a lucky guy Ralph is! You are both great.

  3. The Loving Wives Club sounds really neat!!! It looks like you had a great time. I enjoyed clicking on all your links to see all the fun things you mentioned!