Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Girls

Nugget at about 8 months and Zita at about 8 months.

I realize I have not updated you on the girls in awhile. They are both growing so much it's scary! This little momma just can't keep up! I think I fall in love with them a little more every day, though it doesn't seem possible to love them more than I already do.

Cute joint story: They were in the bath tub the other evening as we were having a 2 bath kind of day. The girls were getting a kick out of yelling back and forth at each other and hearing the echo in the bathroom. They both got to giggling so hard they could hardly breath. My little heart was just singing to see my two girls enjoying each others company so much when all of a sudden Nugget says to Zita, " I love you, Baby." So. Precious. I tell them they love each other all the time. *grin* But to have one tell the other that they do, in fact, love their sister is the best thing in the whole world.

Zita just started to wave. I just love those cute backward waves! Always kinda wish it would last forever. She says "Hi" while doing it. Has for awhile but it's a little more obvious now. This just may be proud parents reading into things, but we're fairly confident she says a version of "diaper" when we change her diaper. It is super cute! Her other favorite thing to do now is stand unassisted and cruise. She thinks about walking but pretty much just falls straight into our arms or belly flops onto the floor. The baby gates have made their way back out. She can climb half way up the stairs before she gets stuck and just goes head first down them. We may need to work on that a bit. *grin* She has four teeth and appears to be working on at least 2 more. Zita LOVES to eat and seems to be weaning herself off daytime feedings to make room for more food. She is not quite ready to give up the middle of the night feedings which is too bad. I'd rather she flipped which ones she is giving up. I do enjoy nursing so I'm glad she isn't completely done yet. This precious girl is our little snuggler. She loves to be held and will cuddle with you for as long as you will let her.

Nugget's vocabulary grows daily as do her sentence lengths. One my favorite phrases of hers is when she substitutes "can't" for "don't want" in a sentence. Instead of "I don't want to watch this anymore," it's ,"I can't want to watch this anymore." Or "I can't want anymore [enter name of food item here]." She is still a bit on the dramatic side with her "No's." She still holds her hand out to you, arm completely extended when she does not want something. Also, she knows no fear. She goes outside whenever the mood hits her: rain, snow, dark-none of it phases her. She can play independently out there no matter the conditions. We have been working on teaching her a Bible verse, James 1:17, using a song. She has started to sing a long with us! It is such an amazing thing to listen to our daughter sing Scripture! Nugget loves to help us clean--especially scrubbing the kitchen floor. She'll coming running and stop whatever she is doing to help with that chore. She also loves to help us bake and will pull a dinning room chair into the kitchen so she can reach. At this point, I am convinced she will never remember not know how to cook or clean. She has quite the imagination and is always playing "Wonder Pets" and building herself a "fly boat." 


  1. I too love watching my little ones love each other. And prepare yourself, b/c I feel like my heart is being ripped out when 2 of them are not liking each other very much. Thankfully though, they're all close enough in age to really enjoy each other.

    On another note. I think that you are trying to not name names on your blog. But, I just clicked on a pic to see it closer and oldest's name is the title of the pic. Maybe I'm wrong about the privacy thing, but I wanted to let you know. Feel free to delete my comment after you read it... my feelings won't be hurt.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for the pics, and the stories!!!!Does this Grandma's heart good to see and hear such wonderful things. Beautiful girls, beautiful parents.You are blessed as are we.

  3. Christina, thank you! I changed the title on the pics!

  4. Oh I just love love love the bathtime story! So cute!

  5. Sweet, sweet girls! How I want to nuzzle my face in their little necks and give them a kiss! Thank you so much on the update. They are so precious and I can hardly believe how grown up Nugget is getting!

    I wish I had started scripture with my kids earlier. I have recently heard of several good CD's with scripture set to music. I think it's time to make an investment.

    Love you and miss you! I think I need to start saving my pennies so I can come see you!

  6. Love the stories and the pics!! So very sweet!! We have a cd like that too, LOVE it!!!:0) Also, the AWANA books come with a cd now which is awesome!!