Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Christmas Eve

 We had a very lovely "Christmas Eve" dinner and present opening on the 23rd. We moved everything up by a day as I had to work Christmas Day. We were so excited to have Amanda join us for a week over Christmas. She definitely made it more festive for us!
 For our dinner, we went with my family's traditional Oyster Stew and Ham dinner. It was quite yummy and even Amanda had a little spoonful of the oyster stew.
I found the template for the cute gift tags on HP's site. My parents got Greer her cute little outfit.
I am so blessed to have Ralph and Amanda in my life! Those two keep me sane and on track. I cannot express how grateful I am for both of them. Thanks to Amanda the presents all got wrapped. Ralph kept us all sane. I still haven't completed the girls Christmas present but thanks to Amanda and the grandparents, the girls had plenty to open. Ralph surprised me with a very sentimental gift(s) reflecting our year and his appreciation for me. It was very special.


  1. Great pictures! THe girls looked so cute!! I am glad Amanda was able to join you :) We missed you around here.

  2. Very nice Stacie....lots of nice pictures!

  3. Sorry you had to work Christmas Day. Looks like you had a great time regardless. I guess it just emphasizes Christmas is more about who you celebrate with and Who you celebrate... not just a date.

    I'm dying to know what Ralph got for you!

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Good pictures! Girls are adorable and looks like they had a fun Christmas. Is Arwin in Sunday School yet? Should be in the Christmas program next year.