Monday, October 25, 2010

Answered Prayer

To get back to my "answered prayer" themed blog posts, I've been mulling over the answered prayers in my life lately.

When Ralph and I first started contemplating moving out of OH, we prayed and prayed for God to provide for us. We prayed for Ralph to find a job while knowing that I would also have to work some too. So I started praying for childcare--someone I could trust, who would love our girls as we do and who loves Jesus too.

I also used to pray and pray God would let us leave OH and live in the West. Near mountains. Preferably near water. He answered that on His terms, not mine. The thing is I now have children and want them to be closer to a set of grandparents and wasn't so sure about this moving away thing at the time. Well, I think He placed this desire in my heart a long time ago because He had a plan I knew nothing about. My circumstances changing my desires did not alter His plan. He answered the prayer, my response is up to me.

My uncle recently reminded me of a truth I know but can forget at times. My security comes from the Lord. Not in my plans working out. Not in doing/being exactly what I want (which seems to change often). Not in living where I want or where I think I want to live.

God provided/is providing for our needs--He answered our underlying prayer. He provided work for me. Unexpected. Unwelcome. Provision. A new lesson is God's ways are not my ways. He answered our prayers. He has provided our daily bread. We had planned our way but God determined our steps.

He answered my childcare prayers: someone I trust, who loves our girls as much as I do and who loves Jesus. Their father. Some days it can be painful that it is not me but if it can't be me it provides such peace to have it be Ralph.

The loves of my life.
There are little blessings in all of this too. We had the whole summer to explore our new surroundings as a family, together, on my days off (of which there are 4/week). I have a good boss--not my awesome old boss who lives half way around the world from me now--but a good boss and a lot of flexibility due to the nature of being in the float pool. Ralph and I are learning a new respect for each others' strengths and relearning how to work together in new ways. The girls are building a special and unique bond with their father. I am near mountains and water. The girls have a great aunt close. One of my great aunts is like a grandmother to me and these girls love their Aunt Dawn already. We have found a good church and are starting the slow process of building relationships there.

Oh, and if I play my cards right, I may get out of potty training. Or, not, but it's worth a try, right?


  1. Great post Stace. An awsome God we serve to be sure!! We are thanking God with you for His Provision!!

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Great write up Stacie...God answer's in differant ways but always the right way. Praying for you. Love you, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. LOVED this post! It's so humbling to look back on how God has worked...isn't it? Thanks for letting me glimpse that in your life <3 You are missed...we shall have to visit at some point while your kiddos are still young ;)

  4. Play those cards, girl!!! Hee, hee!

    You, my friend, are one of the few who I know gets my heart. We have so many of the same desires and it seems like we have a kinship in knowing how it feels to see those go "unfulfilled". Thanks for the new perspective and for the comfort of knowing I'm not alone in learning that His ways are not our ways, but we can still find joy in the unexpected and the unwelcome.