Monday, September 20, 2010

What do you see?

So the next couple blogs will follow a theme (I think, don't hold me to that). Answered prayer. What do you see when you pray? Today I needed rest. Ralph needed a break. I told him I had the girls, he should focus on something else today. I told God I needed rest today.

Then I looked around. I see meals merging as the clean up from one never seems to be done before the next meal rolls around. I see our floors littered with toys, crayons, crayon pieces, food, crumbs, papers torn and scattered by the girls. I see piles of diapers waiting to be washed next to a pile of diapers that never made it to being folded and put away. Ditto with the girls clothes. Ditto with our clothes. I see pictures waiting to be hung. I see knick knacks piled up waiting for homes.

I put Nugget down for her nap. Then Zita is not content anywhere but Momma's arms. Tylenol does not help. Teething tablets do not help. Colic tablets do not help. Shushing, jiggling, bouncing, walking--none of these help.

This is transparency people!

Do you know what helped? Quietly, calmly sitting in the rocking chair rocking. You know what? That strangely looks like resting. Forced resting because otherwise I would have been multitasking despite my stated "need." I was able to spend some quality time with my baby rocking and praying because God saw fit to give this unworthy momma what she asked for--a fussy baby. *teary grin* This was more restful than reading. More restful than mindlessly watching TV or a movie. My heart had to be quiet. My mind was quieted. My hands were quieted. My feet were quieted. I told Zita we were going to have some "Jesus time." It just looked different than my plan.

God sees things different than we do. His ways aren't our ways. But this I know, He loves us and does know what we need. I needed a fussy baby today so that I would slow down and rest. How did God meet you in your life today? Was it as unexpected as my meeting today?


  1. Oh How I wish this grandma could be closer!!!So thankful though that you got your rest,even though not the way you had pictured. Your thoughts pretty much mimicked mine today about needing to be "quiet" so I can "hear" God. Usually I have "my" agenda not stopping long enough to hear what God is saying He has for me this day. Praying for you Stace,not easy days for sure, but don't forget to live "in" the moment. I think you do a good job of that, today showed it. Thanks for the Skype today, makes you seem not so far away.

  2. Wow! I sit here with tears in my eyes! What a great post that made me stop and contemplate that what may seem like a huge interruption and inconvenience could be an answer to prayer. I'm so glad you had the wisdom to recognize that and that you were able to have a special moment of rest with Zita.

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Wish I could be there to help, but so glad you got your rest and also got to spent time rocking your little one. God is good! Love you, Grandpa and Grandma