Monday, March 22, 2010

New Recipes

We tried a couple new recipes over the weekend. The first one was for Homemade Crackers. I was excited about these, not only to save some money, but because they are a soaked whole wheat cracker. I mixed them up the day before and Ralph did all the rolling and cutting and pricking for me the next day. They were about half the cost of the whole grain crackers we currently buy for Nugget. She can't tell the difference. They were a bit tedious so we'll see how long we can keep up with it. Not hard, just a little tedious. We did take pictures "along the way" so we could share with you!

Rolling out the dough. It was a stiff dough but Ralph could handle it! *grin*

We just happened to have this cookie/biscuit cutter. It made them look a lot like the crackers Nugget was used to! Not sure if she really would have noticed but you never know with toddlers . . . .

Poking the holes . . . 

Getting ready to go in the oven . . . .

Cooling . . . .

Aren't they so pretty?! Fun! Of course, I don't have a picture of her eating them yet because that would just be too perfect. I'm just impressed I got these taken! It was a fun process. The ones that didn't get rolled out really thin are a little biscuit-y but they all taste good.

The other recipe we tried was this pizza dough. There are very few things that stay the same in our world from week to week. Pizza on Friday's in one (except this week it was on Sunday--hee, hee!). I was hoping to find a slightly more healthy pizza dough. This does have a soaking period like the crackers. It gave us 4 crusts. We ate one on Sunday and froze the other 3. Ralph and I finished the pizza between the two of us! Guess we liked it, huh? We have been using this pizza sauce and LOVE it! That garlic bread seasoning that goes into it is phenomenal!!! (I don't use the marjoram cuz I don't have any and this is the only recipe I've come across to use it in. I like it without so I haven't seen the need to buy any!)

Anybody else tried anything fun or new this weekend?


  1. Hi, Stacie-

    Thanks for coming over to the Nurse's Nook- I can't believe you still stop by my blog! I love these crackers! They are so pretty in that jar and would be a great gift! Your little Nugget is getting so big- and she's so pretty! Hope this finds you well and thanks again for stopping by- I love your new blog look, by the way- looks awesome!


  2. That is the prettiest jar of crackers I have ever seen. Of course, it is also probably the ONLY jar of crackers I have ever seen. ;-) Cool post! I would never think of making my own crackers.