Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentine's Fun

God had given Ralph and I these two amazing single friends who both happen to despise Valentine's Day. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that one is in their 30's and single and the other mid-20's without anyone even on the horizon at this time. They have been an amazing support system to Ralph and I for a long time and especially here recently.They, unfortunately, have to put up with my love of Valentine's Day and telling those I care about how much I do with a Valentine's card. *grin*

The other night they both got their cards and a special treat to ease the "hated" card. Ralph had thought of a wonderful "thanks for thinking of us" gift using what we had in the house. Personal ham and pineapple pizzas! They both love our pizza and ham and pineapple--which I never make b/c I think it's gross. I NEVER make what I won't eat. *grin* So, for the 2 people in my life who won't celebrate Valentine's day, I made something I'd normally never make: I made up 2 little ham and pineapple pizzas and froze them. I can't wait to see how they turn out when they cook them.
I also crocheted up 2 of  these bookmarks for my girlfriend in white because they were so cute they needed to be made! I love that she tolerates me and loves me anyway!


  1. ummm. those pizzas are making me hungry!

  2. The pizzas look great!! The bookmark is sooo cute,we are thankful as well for those wonderful people in your lives!!!

  3. Very cute... can pizzas be cute? Thanks for dropping by!