Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Birthday Party Menu

Sorry to keep bouncing around like this but it is how my brain is operating right now! :) I just realized I never shared the menu for Nugget's birthday party. Since we had a penguin theme, I decorated in black and white with red for accent colors. I used red because I had some Christmas decorations up already and it made things a little easier for me. :) I also carried the black and white theme into the food. We had:

  • Black and White Pizza (VERY yummy!)
  • Black Olive Tapenade with crostinis made from homemade bread
  • White Queso with black and white chips (Ralph's idea-he's so good!)
  • Birthday cake (red velvet, mmmmm!)
  • Sweet Tea
  • Ice water
  • Red Punch (provided by my MIL, it was very yummy too, not too sweet and mostly juice)
I was quite pleased with all the recipes. This was, of course, the first time I had made any of them cuz that's what I do! ;-p The queso made A TON! We turned part of it into a soup--added chicken, corn and black beans. That was quite good too. Ralph preferred it that way to using it as a dip. Overall, it was really fun to plan a menu along a theme like that! Try the recipes if you get a chance (just scale back on the queso), you'll love them!


  1. A very creative party indeed! It was adorable!

  2. Thanks for the menu gonna definately try some (: