Thursday, March 26, 2009

God's Grace

I have had some opportunities to practice my last post. It's been one of those weeks. You know? Recently, a one of my co-workers committed suicide. It was rough but we were dealing with it. Then this past weekend another co-worker was killed in a car accident. She was 20 and in the prime of her life. My co-workers and I are not dealing so well this time.

Then yesterday happened. Yesterday was that day I've been waiting for since I found out we were pregnant. The first big scare. Oh, and it was a BIG scare. Our day started out innocent enough. I woke up with enough time to shower and do my hair before Nugget wanted to eat again (she's going through a growth spurt and it's every 2-3 hour feedings again). She woke up, ate and we headed downstairs to find my phone as Ralph mentioned someone had called while I was in the shower. We didn't make it very far when my feet went out from under me and we slid down several steps. The look in her eyes. She cried immediately (a good sign, meaning she didn't pass out). She wouldn't be comforted so we looked and found a huge bump on the back of her head. We think she hit her head on the wall on her way down. She cried and cried and wouldn't eat.

Ralph called our doctor who had us come in that afternoon. She thought it was just soft tissue damage but sent us for X Ray's just in case. Well, we had just pulled up to the house when our doctor called and told us to head to Children's ER. She had a fracture and needed a CT scan to rule out a bleed. I don't know if we've ever been so scared. We hadn't even called any family to tell them about the day because we didn't think it was that big a deal. I had called Mom that morning because that's what I do when I'm sad/scared/don't know what to do. Like when I fall down stairs holding my 3 month old. :) We hadn't called anyone else because we thought we'd have her checked out and everything would be fine. She did great during her X Ray's and CT scan. It was so sad seeing her all swaddled and strapped down for her tests. She's so little and all the equipment is SO BIG! It never looks that big when I take my patients in for their tests.

The best part is she is fine and will heal. She got to come home with us last night. There was no bleed. We have some amazing friends and family here! I feel so blessed. We had multiple offers of dinner for last night and even friends bringing dinner tonight! Thank you all for your love and prayers! I love hearing everyone's children's head trauma stories. They help, they really do.

Today was the memorial service for my co-worker. It's been an emotional week. I'm bruised inside and out. God is faithful. The chaplain today made the point that we're going through the valley--it does have an end. I was reminded yesterday and today that I'm not going through it alone. God is good all the time.


  1. Again so glad everyone is okay! Well be praying for you and your co-workers. I too am so thankful for such a faithful and good God.

  2. PTL that she is fine!! I am sorry to hear about all that is going on at work, I will be praying for and and those you work with for sure!!! I totally echo that on the faithfulness of God, and the comfort we find through that!

  3. I am sure it was very scary. Isn't nice to know that we can still call "home" even when we are grown & married. Praise the Lord that it was nothing serious. Sorry to hear about all the heart break with you co-workers.

  4. Oh Stacie! I'm sorry you had such a horrible week! I'm so glad Nugget is okay! For me, all logical thought leaves my mind when my kids are hurt beyond my help. I might as well not have any nurses training. I'm useless! I would love to get past this, but hopefully I won't have many more opportunities to practice! Love you girl! I will be praying for you. It sounds like your heart is really hurting!

  5. So glad Arwen and you are ok. So sorry to hear about you co-workers. We well be praying for you. I remember the first time Kevin fall off the bed and Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna were so upset.

  6. Glad your little one is okay. We had a mishap with stairs, too, that resulted in x-rays and doctors. Yikes. And I'm sorry to hear about your co-workers.