Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things Created

Wow! So many things to blog about. I am so behind. I still haven't posted Thanksgiving pics or talked about the wonderful 2 weeks we had with my parents here! I am so blessed to have the parents I have! Mom got me organized and the house deep cleaned so all I have to do is stay on top of it. Dad took care of some handyman projects--some which needed to be done before we ever moved in, but that's what happens when your landlord lives states away. :) One of the projects Mom got done before she came was applying a back to the quilt cover I found on Ebay. Here's the front:

Here's what Mom added--Love it!

Mom also brought this quilt with her that had been made for me when I was a baby:

Here's today's "look":

Here's one of the adorable outfits Grandpa and Grandma got her:


  1. Your daughter is so cute. Thanks for sharing pictures & keeping us posted.

  2. Thanks Stacie for the up date. Your daughter looks so big already. So cute!

  3. What a precious baby girl! Thanks for sharing photos of her and other special things.

  4. That blanket turned out great! She is so cute! Love to see them dressed in all their little clothes.