Sunday, November 16, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

Every year Samaritan's Purse collects shoe boxes full of gifts for children around the world. These boxes are used to share the gospel with the children who receive them. Our pastor has challenged our Body to 2300 boxes. Normally, we aren't big on the numbers thing but that number represents 2300 children being able to hear the gospel. Well, our house church challenged ourselves to 3 boxes per family unit. We then had a box packing party yesterday. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship. We prayed over the boxes and were able to include our two children, one infant and one school age, in the process. Of course, there was food and music. The pic above was taken after we were done packing. How are you sharing the gospel during this holiday season?


  1. Very cool! We have always done Operation Christmas Child at our church but it was never made a big deal till this year. Normally there is around 15 boxes sent. This year was so exciting as we had 74 done! That is a big increase and not bad for out little church. Todd did a big push with our youth group and they all came through so a bunch came that way. We also did one for each of our own kids including one in memory of Micah. The boys loved it and what a blessing! Way to go!

  2. As Kim said, very cool! I enjoy packing the OCC boxes and was excited about the number that our church was able to give. My mom and sister helped pass out boxes last year at an orphanage in Indonesia (where they live) to about 150 children. Mom said it was amazing the excitement and response - these are kids who probably have never recieved a gift before. It's a great thing.