Friday, October 24, 2008


Forgive my lack of blogging lately! It seems I am busier than ever getting ready for this baby. Sunday I had a wonderful shower thrown by my friends Amanda and Sarah. I will get pics up but first Ralph needs to edit them (they were taken from a somewhat unflattering angle--we need to make them PG). ;-p They did such a fantastic job and are amazing friends! Thanks, guys! And thanks to all of you who made it to the shower and provided such wonderful items to welcome Baby Nugget into the world with.

Yesterday we got all of our paper work completed at our birthing center. While we were there, we watched a great water birthing video which got us both so excited for the delivery and to meet Nugget.

One last thing, hate to bombard you with giveaway's but Marisa pointed me to one today that I think we could all use for Christmas. Go over to Frugal Mom for a chance to win $100 Amazon gift card and a great bag from a fun new Etsy shop!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics, glad it was a fun time! Wish I could have been there!:0) Not much longer!