Saturday, August 09, 2008


Crostini's are by far my most favorite appetizers to make! They are easy and so tasty! The night of our date night I decided to make up my own based on what I had in my cupboards. Ingredients I thought I had: loaf of French bread, basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO as Rachael Ray would say), garlic cloves, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese. Well, the French bread was so hard it crumbled when I attempted to slice it and the feta cheese was the wrong color and texture. L I did have hot dog buns so I got creative and cut them in half. I then infused the EVOO with the garlic cloves I had and then brushed my now garlic EVOO on the hot dog bun halves and broiled them until browned. I brushed those with my basil pesto and placed slices of roasted red pepper on top. I had Romano cheese so I shredded some of that on the tops and placed them back in the broiler for a couple minutes. They were so good! We loved them! Not bad considering I had to change my original "recipe" a few times along the way. The creativity inspired by our recent attempts at frugality was even fun. Normally, I would have just ran out and got what I didn't have (probably more than once) and planned a more elaborate meal. It was fun being forced to use what was already in my cupboards and then to have to get more creative yet. J What recent kitchen problems have you turned into successes recently?


  1. Stacie you are something must take after your mom. I'm just the plain old cook..should take some lesson's from you!!!

  2. What a beautiful table setting! My mouth is watering...

  3. When I went GF/CF with the kids I had to become a lot more creative...and not in a good way. But I have found some great substitutes. For example, when i make meatloaf instead of using bread crumbs I will use a combination of 1/3 oats, 1/3 rice, and 1/3 GF cereal or stale rice bread. I think it still tastes great! Nugget is going to have the best baby food ever!