Friday, August 08, 2008

Creativity in Marriage

I am working my way through a marriage book by Lysa TerKeurst
Capture His Heart- for Wives to read. Ralph and I decided we needed to make focusing on our marriage a priority before Nugget comes to ensure it's a habit after. Right now it's easy to have husband/wife time if we feel we aren't getting enough—we just cut everything else out. That will not be so easy after Nugget comes. We picked one of Lysa's suggestions to try. We sat down and came up with things each that the other person could do to show us love. They were written on slips of paper and put in jars for us to pick each Sunday.

Last Sunday night, the one I picked requested a romantic homemade dinner complete with candles, music and a rich dessert. Given my recent revelations about my creativity, it seemed appropriate. J The menu:

I had a ton of fun making it and will share the recipes with each one over the next couple days!


  1. fun idea, i'll check out the book. you and your blogs are so inspiring. thanks to your recent blog, i've been re-checking into the cloth diaper idea. had thought about it before Eli was born, but too much craziness with selling the house and moving and everything. but now things are calming down (it's all relative in our household) and i'm think i'm ready to give it a try. can't wait to see recipes and someday i'm going to learn how to make homemade bread like you.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I drink the tea I make hot, but I bet it would be great cold too.....good idea. I've enjoyed checking out your blog. Congrats on the baby! We have baby #2 due in March. I pray your pregnancy is going great!

  3. I like that book, I think I need to read it again soon. It always helps me be a much better wife to the guy who is stuck with me! :)

  4. Okay, I know, I'm commenting on an older post, but I just kept reading...and then this is the one I just HAD to say something!

    I love the idea of the jars! We do the reverse at Thanksgiving: we (kids included) write on pieces of paper things we are thankful for any time we think of something. We start at the first of November. We keep them in one large jar in the kitchen and let them add up. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, we each take a turn pulling from the jar and reading it aloud. It's fun to figure out who wrote what. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by...I've enjoyed your blog too! (along with your other commenters!)

    Be sure and go see Fireproof when it comes out the last weekend of September! It's a movie about marriage...AM-A-ZING!!!