Saturday, April 12, 2008

Praise Jesus!

We just got this note from Ralph's friend, Jon, regarding Jessica:

Jessica's blood tests and other tests that they done at the hospital in San Jose, all came back negative for cancer. Praise the Lord !! Kevin said that Jessica is doing quite well from her gallbladder surgery on Thursday.
She still has to go to the Stanford UN on Wed to see the specialist there to see what they are going to do about the mass/tumor which is between her stomach and other organs pushing up towards her liver. The doctor's also told them that if this would have been cancer, Jessica would have been in a lot of pain, quite sick and even probably would have been gone by now. Her surgeon was a Christian and told her this AM, before dismissing her, that to keep reading her Bible and to have faith.
Then I asked Kevin about his plans for Iraq and he said that his assignment to Iraq has been canceled altogether and that he'll be returning to Dover after his emergency leave. PTL !!!
We've been praying that he'd not have to go, but I certainly didn't want anything like this to happen.

We haven't stopped praising the Lord since receiving this! We hope this gives you a sweet time of praise as well.


  1. What a HUGE praise!! Thanks for keeping us posted!:0)

  2. What an answer to pray. We will continual to pray for them.