Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Call to Prayer

So my uncle has challenged me to pray. His April post was all about praying for churches who are struggling in his district in Montana. That got me thinking about my "district" or neighborhood. We have 2 churches in walking distance of us without pastors right now. We had really felt God starting to do something through both of them and then suddenly they are without spiritual headship. I am pretty sure that is the enemy trying to block God's work in our neighborhood. This neighborhood needs Him desperately. The first church is Omhar Park Methodist Church. Their pastor was a friend of ours who moved to Colorado. For lots of reasons I'm not privy to it seems the Methodist Church is not planning on filling this post anytime soon. The second church is St. Anthony's. Yes, they are Catholic. They do a phenomenal job of taking care of "the least of these" in our neighborhood. Their priest suddenly decided he did not wish to be a priest anymore and they're having a hard time finding someone who does. I have been challenged to pray more diligently for these bodies. They are our partners in reaching this "district" for Christ. I am well aware of the differences between many Catholics and myself, however, I am praying for a priest who truly knows and loves the Lord who will open the way for his parish to know Christ. Will those of you who live here (or others who feel led but don't live here) join me in praying for these Churches?

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