Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home for Dinner

Every year, Cedarville has "Home for Dinner." Alumni open their homes up to current students for dinner. It gives the different Cedarville "generations" a chance to interact and gives the current students an opportunity for a home cooked meal. We had four students come this year. They were so much fun! They came around 7 and didn't leave until midnight. We were talking and laughing and having a great time! Here they are with Ralph from left to right: Chelsea, Everett, Christine and Jeff.

We had a great dinner! My friend, Penny, came in the morning to help me prep all the food. Praise the Lord for good friends! It made that evening go so much smoother! We had:

I, of course, made enough cake to send home "doggie bags" with them. It was such a great time! We have enjoyed every year but this group was extra-special (did I mention the girls were both junior nursing majors?). If any of you are Cedarville alum living in this area, we HIGHLY recommend you participate in this great opportunity!


  1. So glad you guys had so much fun!! Your meal sounds amazing!!!! I am sure it was delicious!!!!!

  2. I love that they do that what a GREAT idea! The food sounded great!

  3. Looks like lots of fun and great food.