Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have just spent the morning living vicariously through someone else's mission trip. As if it's not hard enough to learn everyone's names and faces (together, correctly) on your own trip (where you at least already know yourself—kind of)—try to start from scratch on someone else's trip! It's tough. Compassion has sent bloggers to Uganda. They are there seeing the work Compassion does and then sharing it on their blogs. Please join me in following their journey, praying for them and if you can, sponsoring a child. Just reading their blogs, looking at their pictures and watching their videos makes me "homesick" for Africa. I can see the faces, feel the air and smell Africa through their blogs. This is a good thing they're doing. We were challenged at Apex last night by Shane Claiborne to evaluate what we are doing for "the least of these." This is an excellent way to start! Here are Compassion's bloggers:

Carlos Whittaker

Chris Elrod

Doug Van Pelt

Heather Whittaker

Phil Ware

Randy Elrod

Shaun Groves

Sophie "BooMama"

Anne Jackson

Shannon "RocksInMyDryer"

David Kuo

Tom Emmons

Spence Smith

Keely Scott

Brian Seay

Stop in and let them know what a great thing they're doing and that you're praying for them. Better yet, share your Compassion story if you have one.


  1. I've just started reading some of these, wow!! It would be so hard to leave those children I would think. Thanks for posting so we can be praying for them.

  2. Hey Stacie-
    I love reading these blogs, too. Hope this finds you well and your days as a nurse going well! Blessings--
    Beth from Engage the Journey