Friday, February 29, 2008

Husband is Home

Ralph spent Tuesday to Thursday in beautiful Toronto this week. I worked all three days he was gone. I tried to get Kenya to stay inside with me—preferably in our room. Now that I've been married a few years, I find that I no longer enjoy being home alone. I used to love it. I think it came from working nights for those years. I used to live to be home alone. Now I hate it. I hear every creak the house makes. I have to sleep with a light on (which is tough because I can sleep through anything but light). So, I came up with a solution. Kenya should sleep in our room with me. I don't really like dogs on the bed, but I was willing to be flexible. It is a king sized bed after all. Well, she wasn't having it. She would pace the room and pant like she had just run a marathon. She really is a winter dog. I eventually had to put her out and sleep with Jedi (who eventually left me too; I tossed and turned too much).

I made a mistake on Wednesday morning. I complained to a bunch of single girls. On a normal morning, we get up at 0430. Ralph heads downstairs and makes my breve and breakfast smoothie and if it's cold he starts the car and scrapes it if needed. I take a shower and get ready. Usually by 0505 we get to cuddle for 10 minutes or so. It's a somewhat relaxing routine. With him gone, I had to get up 15 minutes earlier and did not have any time to sit down before I left. It of course snowed that first morning, so I had to clean off the car before leaving. That's what I want to do at 5 am! Anyway, I was whining about this to the night shift when I got to work that morning. I was told, "Welcome to single life!" They also asked where they could find a husband like mine. ;-p After that I made sure I only told my tale of woe to married people—they were much more sympathetic.

I am thrilled to have my husband home again! He brought great news with him. A job offer. Kind of two job offers. He only gets to pick one though. He can't have both. That would just be greedy. Pray for us in this. It may mean a move to San Jose for us. Not sure if we're California people. If we stay, it would mean a lot of travel for Ralph which has a lot of ramifications for many areas of our lives. It may affect how/where I work as well (even if we stay). We are hurry-up-and-waiting for next week and the official offer/process to start. We'


  1. Congratulations on the job offers. Not sure what I would think of you moving to California, but I doubt you would have to scrape snow off your car at 5 am

  2. Ok, so that is all crazy info! California is very far away but it would give us a great reason to visit that part of the country.

  3. wow! we will be praying for you guys while you go through this decision. i am a tad jealous, i would never want to leave apex, but i want to live somewhere warm!!! we are sad we missed the oscar party :( but i enjoyed watching at home!