Saturday, February 09, 2008

Because The Flu Is Never Leaving

Due to the fact that the flu has placed us under quarantine, I have no fresh blog ideas. Therefore, I am using a suggestion my husband gave me long ago--our Colorado trip from June. I wasn't blogging in June so I have not shared this trip yet. As my brain is still a bit mush, I will just share pictures today. They are my hope that I will enjoy things again. ;-p I have all kinds of fun things to share about how we planned the road trip, food packed, etc but it's all too much effort at the moment. Enjoy the beauty that is Colorado and ignore my whining.


  1. How could you NOT LOVE IT!!! Makes me very homesick. Beautiful pictures. We will keep praying for you two!

  2. Great pics!! I'm sick too!:( Yuck!

  3. Those are sweet pics! Sorry you have been sick. I am not sick but all the boys are.