Sunday, January 13, 2008


Praise the Lord for Sabbath! It's not too often that Ralph and I get a Sabbath on the same day and on a Sunday to boot! We both dove straight back in to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's been an adjustment to get used to getting up at 4:30 a.m. again. But this morning, we slept in! I mean slept in. It was after 10:30 I think for both of us. When we got up, Ralph ran to the store to get Challah bread and bacon (we found out on which day our favorite grocer/bakery bakes their Challah bread). I fed Kenya and brought her inside with me. I got caught on blogs, e-mail and facebook. I got to use my new skillet to make brunch (a gift from my wonderful parents). We made a terrific brunch of French toast and bacon. Yum-O! We stayed in our pajamas until 2 or 3. It was great!

We went to the 7 p.m. service at our church last night. It was so great to be back! We were gone for several weekends and worked so many weekends before we left that it felt like we hadn't been there in forever! It was so sweet to be back in our home church for worship and to be fed and challenged.

Our friends Jeff and Sarah asked to teach HC this month and agreed to host tonight! This is why were able to take a Sabbath today. It was such a blessing! We are still living out of suit cases and the (once) live Christmas tree is still up and the whole place is in utter chaos. This was our one day off and we have/had no energy for the herculean effort that is needed to have this place company ready in one day. Honestly, by them hosting and teaching tonight, they truly were the Body of Christ to us. It allowed us to really enjoy HC. I was able to open up and share and be loved on and prayed for in Quads (our break out time of sharing and prayer). It was just so appropriate as Jeff and Sarah are taking us through Acts. We are looking at what the Church should look like and be and I felt like I was able to watch Her in action tonight. I love our house church and love that God has provided this family for us here. Pray for us this year. We really would love to see our neighborhood come to know Jesus. We want to have the boldness of Peter and John with our neighbors and see them come to know Christ. I pray that you all have an opportunity to have a restful Sabbath day one day this week.

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