Monday, January 28, 2008

Please Pray

Please check out this blog and pray for Cyd Myzell. She has been working in Afghanistan as a relief worker. She has been kidnapped by the Taliban. Pray for this sister who is suffering for following our Lord. My heart aches for her and all who love her.

Father,I thank you that You have counted Cyd Mizell worthy to be persecuted for Your name. In my human fear, I pray for her physical protection. Even more, I pray that she may have opportunities to share Your love with her kidnappers. I pray that You will use her testimony to bring many to know You. I pray that you will bless her ministry in her prison as You did for Joseph, Paul, Peter and all those we admire in the Scriptures who were imprisoned for You. I thank you for the work that she does and her trusting heart. Hold her close–let her feel Your presence and fill her with Your peace, strength and wisdom. Thank you for allowing her the privilege of being able to identify with our many brothers and sisters around the world who suffer for You daily. Thank you that she has counted the cost and chose to follow You. Thank You for her book of Acts kind of faith. Comfort those who love her and are anxious for her safe return. Draw their hearts close to Yours. Fill them with Your strength and peace as well. Glorify Yourself and restore this woman after Your heart to her ministry. We desire You to be glorified in all of this.


  1. That is really sad. I tried to check the blog but it just went to a picture.

  2. I had just heard about this. Have you heard anything else? Very sad we will be praying.

  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    missionaries Don Dent ,Virgil Cooper , Mark harvey , Sam Stallings from the IMB will probably know whereabout Cyd Mizell . But they are quiet . Don Dent lives in the first class city n Singapore while Sam Stallings lives in Korea . Mark Harvey lives in the Philippines . Virgil Cooper lives in the headquarter of the IMB in Richmond VA, 23230 .