Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Date Night

I hate to admit it, but it's true. We often get so busy we don't take time out for just the two of us. Some days this worries me as we don't have kids yet. This seems to be a problem those with kids always talk about but it seems to be just as hard if not harder for us to make time that time. We both work more than full time most weeks and strive to stay connected to friends and reach out to others often at the expense of time together. This week I was really convicted to make sure we had time together—no TV, laptops, distractions.


Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I made this delicious roast. I also made mashed potatoes, Bob Evans rolls (you can get them in the freezer section of your local grocer), and lemonade. We ate at the table *gasp* not in front of the TV or our laptops, facing each other over a tablecloth, candlelight and I even pulled out the chargers for under the plates. It's sad to me that this isn't our norm. We don't have kids, we've been eating at home more, and it didn't take that much effort. The whole effect was so relaxing and conducive to conversation. I think I spend so much time making sure others feel comfortable in our home that I forget to do it for us.


My husband is truly my favorite person to be with. I enjoy his company more than anyone else's. We just need to not take each other for granted and make that one-on-one time a priority. That is a new goal for me for this coming year—more time set aside for us without distractions.


  1. How was the nutmeg in the potatoes? The roast and all of it sounded soo good. Good for you guys, glad you had a good time. The post before was very interesting as well, I will be praying for them, such a devastating disease.

  2. I just wanted to thank you soooo very much for your comment about nursing school... I'm trying my hardest this semester!!! :) It's great to be encouraged from a sister in Christ!!!

    Thanks again!

  3. amen! it's really tough isn't it? but so important, i'm glad you guys had a great net :)

  4. Kids or no kids, it is hard to find time as our society tells us to go, go, go plus technology is makes it too easy for us to always be available for the slightest things. It use to be you would go outside of your home no matter where it was & there was no choice but not get contacted by anyone until you were home again. Technology is great for many things but like everything we pay a price in other areas of our life.