Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wonder years

Today was fun. Today was one of those "Ah-hah!" days. My oldest niece was sick so my bro and his wife and the girls stayed at home today. We decided to head over to their apartment this afternoon to visit and bring them some food (a.k.a. share leftovers they missed out on). It was fun to be hosted by my little bro and his wife. We ended up staying for dinner and hanging out for awhile afterwards. My little bro has been an "adult" for awhile now--he's graduated from college, married, expecting their 3rd child; but they live so close to my parents we just hang out at Mom and Dad's. I can probably count on one hand how many times we've had the opportunity to be hosted by them. It was fun. Their home is comfortable and homey. I always feel at home at my sis' and can pick out how we have similar tastes due to being raised in the same home all the while being very different. It could different for a brother's home,but in our case it's not. Ralph brought the XBOX 360 with us and we all played another new family favorite--Scene It! We are having so much fun with this game! It is a lot more fun than the original DVD version. We, my sister-in-law and I, are planning a dinner party at their house. We're inviting our cousin and her new fiance. I love to throw dinner parties and I'm looking forward to working with Tiff on this! Now I'm off to plan the menu--I love that part! Anybody have any fun ideas for a New Year's dinner? Leave me a comment if you do!

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