Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Terror at the Food Court

So I went Christmas shopping with a couple girlfriends a couple weeks ago. I haven't really been in a mall in probably a year. We were looking for two very specific dresses Real Simple promised us Kohl's and Target had.

Well, needless to say, they didn't have them. Well, that drove us to the mall--that and these REALLY cute boots at Elder Beerman. They are the cutest boots ever! They are red with a skinny heel and a little buckle across the top. I am so excited to wear them on Saturday!

Anyway, while at the mall we stopped by the Food Court for some much needed shopping sustenance! Food Courts terrify me!!! There is all this noise and hustling and bustling! I DO NOT like to be rushed when deciding on what to eat. There are people coming at you from all sides-- "Try this!," "Eat here!," and "Orange chicken only $2.99!" There are all these people rushing in line and a confusing mixture of sights, sounds and smells! When you can finally decide what you want or pick the line closest to you, then they want you to hurry, hurry, hurry when you order. Then you have to wait because they didn't quite have what you wanted but there really isn't any room for you to stand and wait. You can't leave because then you'd never get your food so you just stand there awkwardly in the way hoping they hurry now. When you finally have your food you walk through the mass of humanity and try to pick the least nasty sticky table. You are surrounded by screaming, snotty nosed kids who are NOT well-behaved, their are the teenage wannabee preteens in one corner, the gangster kids in another, the druggie kids over there (I do not stereotype either for your information--I just call it as I see it) and on and on it goes. Now I'm a people watcher and love to go places where I can sit and watch people (imagine that) but a food court is far too overwhelming a place for such a passive pastime. It was very traumatic but I had two of my best friends with me who kept me laughing the whole time.


  1. Haven't been to a food court in a very long time either....not sure I want to any time soon Glad you found your boots though. If I don't talk to you before the weekend have a GREAT time!!!

  2. Sounds a little chaotic, not cool! At least you found your boots!:0)

  3. Next time, go to Trader's World. It's even more fun than that!