Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Helm Family Christmas

Saturday the 22nd we had Christmas with the Helm side of the family. It was such a nice day. Ralph and I had been going a mile a minute all week long and it felt like that was the first time we had to slow down and breath (and eat). We both had been up till the wee hours of the morning multiple days in a row and forgetting to eat more than one meal a day. Saturday was our opportunity to just relax with the family. It was a nice unhurried day where we all just hung out and laughed and drank coffee (or at least Tom, Ralph and I drank coffee). It was all set to a very nice Christmas sound track playing quietly in the background (except for one CD we all decided should have never been made much less purchased). ;-p We discovered Mom can NOT leave the house if there is a box on her car--especially if it is an empty box! It apparently is worse than being snowed in. ;-D Ralph and I enjoyed talking coffee with Tom, all of us self-proclaimed coffee snobs, dicussing our favorite blends and acceptable coffee shops. Tom found a new one in Englewood we are eager to visit. Ralph's neice is at that delightful age where she is a strange blend of young woman and young girl. You are never sure which you are going to get but both young ladies are delightful. We truly enjoyed our day, any time spent with family is truly precious.

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