Monday, November 05, 2007

Fun concert

Fun concert last night featuring these three groups: Charis, Jared Mahone, and Isaac Simpson. Charis is our good friends Abi and Crystal. Jared Mahone is a new favorite that Amanda introduced us to. Isaac Simpson was new--very talented but more Ralph's style than mine. It was fun to see some friends we haven't seen in awhile. It was a little weird for me to go to a concert in my "morning" but it was fun. Check out these three groups--we highly recommend them.


  1. Oooh!! Thanks for sharing, I like them!:) I'm with ya on the third one, very good, not sure they are my stlye though!:)

  2. Hey guys! Glad to catch up on your life! A lot can happen in about 5 years, huh? :) We're loving Hawaii and enjoying our growing family. Come visit! Jen and Bri :)