Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas time is here!

Today was a great day! We met up with our friends Dan and Cat at Cracker Barrel for brunch.

We had a great time visiting and (most importantly EATING). ;-p Ralph and I had already decided today was THE DAY. "What day," you ask? CHRISTMAS TREE DAY!!! We invited Dan and Cat to join us and much to our joy--they did! We had so much fun the guy tying the tree to the top of the vehicle questioned our drinking habits--hee, hee.

As you can see here, we started out in high spirits. This was Cat's first time cutting down a Christmas tree! It was so much fun to share it with her. This was our third year going to Young's for our tree. It's so much fun! Most of the people working there are part of the Young's family in some way, shape or form. They always have free hot chocolate and popcorn--in my opinion that is a great combination of comfort food!
After the fun of cutting the tree down, we came back home and had more treats! Don't you just love Christmas?! We had eggnog (Southern Comfort because we couldn't find Kemp's). Then Cat introduced us to a new treat--Eddy's" (Dreyer's, depending on where you live) Slow Churned Peppermint Ice Cream with Magic Shell Chocolate on top. Yum mm! We could also pretend it was good for us since the slow churned is lower in fat. We also broke in our new scene it? game. It was something we weren't going to get until February (for the Oscar party) but Ralph found a great Black Friday sale on it so we got it early. We have had so much fun with it! It has four controllers and a few different ways to play. Much fun and laughter was had by all. When my husband gets home I will have video of the Christmas tree caper and of Cat subduing our beast. ;-D


  1. Looks like you guys had a beautiful day to cut down a tree!! NICE tree too.

  2. Good times!!! We went to this weekend, looks like you got a good tree!:)